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Having worked with Deaf people for three decades I’ve seen many shows and movies on the topic. So many are written with a dramatic veneer that barely touches the surface of fully lived-lives.


Gloria Rosen’s Listen . . .  brings her family to life, with all its humanness and love, strengths and flaws, and creates a touching theatrical experience that rings true and loving.


Gloria brings her audience into her world, and in profound ways she shows what it was like to grow up as the hearing child in a Deaf household, unfolding a complex emotional journey to understanding of both her parents and herself.


I was really touched by her work.

The Rev. Dr. Gene Bourquin, Deacon The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

Pastoral Missioner to the Deaf, Diocese of NY


One of my greatest joys is watching other Coda performers share their stories. Partially because there are so few of us out there doing this stuff, and no matter how different the details are, the spirit  is of all our stories is pure coda. 


Had the profound privilege of watching the amazing Gloria Rosen perform her one woman show Listen...Can You Hear Me Now? last night at the Edmonton Treasured Gifts storytelling event. Gloria hits you with her truths, soothes you with er lovely delivery, tickets your funny bone and leaves you wanting more of her delightful tales.


If you ever get the opportunity, definitely fo see this gorgeous performer. Thank you Gloria, for sharing so much of yourself with us!

Alan Robert Abarbanel, Creator & Performer: The World of Abababa

Int'l lecturer: Interpreter Ethics/Coda Family Issues

    OMG yes, she is great and I’m so lucky over the years to be in the FRONT ROW at many of these       events - it changes you for the better. GO if you can and as often as you can. 

    Tom Bull, Author: On The Edge of Deaf Culture

     Hearing Children/Deaf Parents

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 Listen...  is a bridge between two cultures. The experience at St. Ann’s was enthralling, exhilarating and entertaining. More importantly it was a deeply moving piece of theater which integrated an audience of deaf and hearing, creating a new and important symbiosis.  

Alexandra Frederick, Pianist/Singer


Listen... is such a powerful show!  It’s a New York story and a story about how difficult communication can be in all families, even when you love each other.  But it’s also about the specific experience of being Deaf and being a Deaf family’s daughter. 

The audience was transfixed.      

Christina Brandt-Young CBY, Attorney, New York Legal Assistance Group

It was amazing hearing and seeing your story. The sound effects, your words, and the interpreter's, all created a moving experience beyond any form of storytelling we've seen before. It was truly something entirely different and it was a treat to be included!

Heather Buchan,  Art Director Saatchi  Wellness

I don't know what was more compelling, your riveting story or the rapt  attention paid by the audience to the performance. They followed, as I did from the edge of my seat, every detail of the family struggle you depicted. It was memorable theatrical experience.

Steve Kent, Attorney


 Bringing your story to the stage speaks to your bravery and thoughtfulness towards others and your family. Art does help heal self and community and gives the past a safe way to be viewed in the present.           

                                               Stephen Toth: RID Certified Sign Language Interpreter 

 You have opened my world so that I can relate/share your experiences with    many of the things that have occurred in my deaf life.  Sharing these experiences are very precious and helps me to grow.  Thank you for being there ! You are already opening the doors  for all of us and there is still much more to  discuss and share.

 Evelyn Schafer, Minister St. Ann’s Church for the Deaf

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